Messages from Spirit


I believe every one of us has unlimited access to divine guidance/spirit/source in every moment, if we’re willing to listen. I share these channeled message with the intention that they might touch and inspire your own connection.

After decades of practice in being quiet and listening to the subtle promptings of this inner guidance, I’ve found it easier and easier to receive and translate clear information.

When getting quiet and asking the questions that are most on my heart (or someone elses’) the messages come easily and feel like dropping into a river of pure love. For me, the information comes as a clear and complete vibrational “package”  with a sense of deep knowing.  What I love most is the direct experience of the message on levels that are beyond words and beyond conscious understanding.

Then, I get the fun of translating that package into language that comes as close as possible to the pure message…which is always Love.
Sometimes I distinctly hear the words one at a time and sometimes I stay with the whole body experience and try on different words until there’s a vibrational match.

And as deep as the knowing goes in those moments, I still forget sometimes.

So I keep coming back. To listen. To remember.
Over and over and over.
And I’m amazed every time how much love is always right here, right now.

Here’s an example of a message that recently came through for someone:

“Even as you feel alone and weary, you are surrounded by more love than you could ever imagine just waiting to be received.

In moments of pain, sadness or despair, simply call to us. Simply feel into the apparently empty space around you and you will feel our presence loving and guiding you back to the truth of who you are…

You are not only NOT alone, you are literally surrounded by love. In the very air around you is complete and total love. Every breath you take has enough love to heal all. You have only to receive this love.”

I experience this loving presence as many beings that have no need to be named as individual entities – all-inclusive and interconnected. They use the language “we” because that’s the closest word we have in our language, but in my experience there really is no separation between us and them.

“We love you.
We are with you.
We ARE you.
We are an aspect of you that can see another view of what is.
That is all.”


With much love,
Sylvia Nibley


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My full time passion/work is supporting accelerated transformation through my 3 businesses that were all created through divine downloads of information.
Inquiry Cards , Root Change programs and the Grow Your Business Organically home-study course for heart-centered entrepreneurs fill my life with  joy and service.

…and I love being a channel for Messages from Spirit, so I make myself available for occasional individual readings.

If you resonate with these messages and feel drawn to receiving one specifically channeled for you, just email me your question/s with the subject line “Message from Spirit please” and we can schedule a reading.

The way I receive a message for you is the same way it works when I get messages for myself. I get quiet and hold your question in a receptive state of listening to spirit on your behalf.

The answers come as an underlying feeling and a stream of words, sometimes very specific and sometimes I find the words that best fit the energetic quality (or image). There’s a resonance that happens when the words match the energy and I sit with the message as it emerges, until that resonance feels complete.

My current rate is $150 an hour and readings usually take between 45 minutes to one hour. Sessions can be by phone, Skype, or if you email a question, you receive your typed reading by email.

Happy to serve,

Tidal Wave of Love

Tidal Wave of Love

We love that you are noticing the acceleration of time
(many people are not).

We hope that you are also noticing
the acceleration of ease
the acceleration of consciousness
the acceleration of love.

You are being swept along on a current
so vast, there can be no mistaking that
your small self has no control.

And your large self
leads the way.

Stay in the current of joy.

Allow you heart to be
swept away
in a tidal wave
of love.

The wave
is unstoppable
and will

There is no doing to be done.

Only surrender.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Opening to Miracles

Opening to Miracles

You are opening to miracles
in ways that you haven’t imagined before.

It is a time for miracles,
a time for opening
and a time to let go of the old ways
of doing.

Feel how effortless the transition is now.

Feel the unknown
rising to meet you
in ecstatic joy.

Feel your mind’s need for control
v a n i s h.

Feel the fluidity of reality.

See the infinitude of your palette
– of creation,

Let your heart sing!

For as you open your heart
you open a new world.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

You Are Ready

You Are Ready

Now is the time to claim your place in the evolution of humanity.

There is no “doing” to be done.
Only settling into the truth and fully accepting the path you have chosen.

The peace you are feeling now is a deep knowing of your place and purpose.

There are many forms this purpose could have taken and we acknowledge you for choosing to serve many at this time.

This choice will bring you into deeper alignment with the long arc of change.

While choosing to serve at the level of one-on-one is equally important and one that many are called to, we recognize the unique commitment of those who accept the call to be leaders at the group level.

This choice is bringing about an internal transition, an expansion, a shift in your very being. The essence of your purpose remains unchanged from the course you chose before this lifetime, and yet as you choose a scale of service that expands from your previous experience (and frightened you in the past), you engage another level of support from the unseen world.

We are with you as you move forward in service to larger and larger community.
Trust the pulse of joy that draws you along the path.
Trust your heart’s message to those you would serve.

Remember that as you share the depth of your presence and understanding, the right people will be drawn to you.

It has only been your resistance that has made the path difficult at times.
Feel the ease now as you no longer struggle for either anonymity or recognition.

There is nothing to be other than your full self.
Your loving self.

You are ready.

– Spirit speaking through/to Sylvia

Everything is Changing

Everything is Changing

Everything is changing.
And by everything we mean, EVERY assumption, every belief, every
system, every pattern.

The only thing unchanging is love, oneness, peace, the unity of all

But even your experience of all of these is changing radically.
The entry points into these experiences are changing.

Can you feel the love in fear?
Can you feel peace in chaos?
Every moment is inviting you into the new world.
As quickly as you are willing to be made new.

Your DNA is changing.
Your breath is changing.
The consciousness that encompasses ALL is changing.
The very core of life is changing – through you.

Change is touching every part of human consciousness from the micro to the macro.

Some of this change is visible (especially to those on the leading edge), but most is not yet.

Trust your own experience and don’t worry about how others are experiencing their awakening.

Even the way you change is changing.

So what would you cling to?

Don’t even seek to answer this question, but simply notice anything that would not be easily released if you were to wake up in a totally new world.

Focus instead on what is emerging.

Imagine the new world.
We realize this is antithetical to the human pattern of being

We know that for millions of years, you have been building slowly
and incrementally in an evolutionary curve and yes, we are proposing
that you now become referenced instead to the unknown.

We invite you to fully open to quantum change, to allow a shift as
significant as moving from ocean to land. The first creature to do
that successfully was surely risking death, and instead created the
ability to breathe air.

Play with this possibility.
Ask “what if…” and see what emerges.

Root yourself in the Unknown,
and you will find it is the richest soil.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

All Mighty

All Mighty

Trust the all-mighty.
Remember that the life force
that moves within you
is the very power of creation

not just outside of you,
as you might have imagined
The force that breathes you
courses through the entire universe

there is no need to rely
on old stories of being rescued from outside yourself

your experience of being “without” has only originated from looking without.

Within you is infinite power
within you is infinite source

trust this all mighty as you trust your own heart

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Made to Love

Made to Love

I am made to love.
I am made OF love.

Centered in the heart, and including all of creation and beyond.

I have chosen this lifetime to remember this.

I have chosen to have the experience of loving as a female in a world on the verge of humanity’s rebirth.
In transition from darkness to light.

As a female who embodies love in a new time in a new way.
To heal “the sins of the mother.”

To leave behind attachments, oppression, vanity, competition, possessiveness, control, manipulation….all limitations of love.

There is love at the core of all these fear-based illusions,
but love that is not given freely is only a small shadow of the true nature of love.

Love cannot be controlled or grasped.
It can only be felt as an opening inside your own body.

In your own experience.
Where there is openness, there is love.

Where there is contraction, there is love waiting to be remembered.
Waiting to be discovered.

As love, every cell has the capacity to open to even more love.
The opening is simply a relaxing into the true nature of what we are.

This is my practice.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Evolving Relationships

Evolving Relationships

There are many people you have been with before in many different forms of relating, and these connections are what weave you all together.

Close-knit groups that connect to other close-knit groups are connecting the human family much more quickly than can happen through individual relationships. This will continue to speed up and transform the very foundation of relating.

The old form of seeking one soul mate for a lifetime is no longer necessary as it once was for forging deep connections in the human family.

A level of relatedness and intimacy that used to take many years, can now be reached in weeks or months. As growth accelerates and you all awaken to your divinity, the old pattern of seeking love outside yourself is quickly dissolving.

Each individual who experiences this shift is literally shifting the DNA of the whole human organism at a very fundamental level.  The level of our most intimate relationship– ourselves.

Now that is something to celebrate!

Couples are now drawn to “see” each other and be seen. Fortunately there are many souls who have made these agreements, so that none of us can forget (for very long) who we are and why we are here and so of course we find intimate relationships with these souls.

And we learn and grow and stay together for a short time or a long time. The duration is less important than the recognition.

The more centered in your own soul you can BE, the more powerful your relationships will be.

Dependency (physical, financial, emotional and psychological) has been at the core of most mated relationships in human history. Now the foundation  is shifting to love. You are beginning to experience the truth of love in the only way it can be true.

Connection to the source of love in your own heart.

In the past, the words “I love…” have mostly  meant “I need love” and now as you say “I love,” it will mean “I AM Love.”

Connecting to “the one” may still be the experience for a few that have agreed to serve in this way (to hold this energy), but for most “the one” is a worn-out fantasy of finding fulfillment in another.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Just Be You

Just Be You

Just be you

in every nuance of your experience

noticing whatever sensations are here in the moment

letting go of the need to change them

just being with the sweetness of your essence

in all ways and experiences

you never need to leave you

there is nothing that cannot be loved

smile to the fear

smile to the shame

smile to the joy

it’s all part of the dance

Inside or Outside?

Inside or Outside?

Sometimes you will experience us within you and sometimes you will experience us in all that surrounds you.

Remember that both are equally true.

Yes, look for answers within, and also pay attention to the myriad ways in which we exist.
Sometimes you are partial to “looking within’ as if that is the better way to access Spirit and sometimes you look outside yourself for answers or validation.

It is all God.
There is no need to even make a distinction or have a preference.
And source requires no special methods to access.

Just awareness.
Even the preference for ‘going within’ may be a subtle form of separation. It is a withdrawing from the connection to what is “outside.”

It is true that each human experiences awareness from what appears to be ‘within’ and it is good to remember that this is but one perspective of All That Is and no more real than any other.

A subtle point, but we know that you are noticing the subtleties of ego.
Who is the one that believes it exists to go inside or outside?

S: Thank you. I’m feeling these distinctions dissolving into a deeper experience of Oneness.

Yes. We know.

We are with you in every breath.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Love Aware and Unaware of Itself

Love Aware and Unaware of Itself

The love that you have always wanted
is in you
and around you
in such vast quantities
that you could not hold it back
even if you were to die trying.

Even the places that appear to not be love
that appear to be resistance
or shame or darkness of the worst kind,
these things are simply love waiting to be aware of itself.

This illusion of duality – of love and non-love
is simply the game humans create
of remembering (like the children’s game of “peek-a-boo”).

So remember,
when you feel contraction,
and all of the things the mind would say are NOT love…

simply remember
that it’s your move in the game
and the remembering,
the discovery is joy.

Dance with the feelings.
Dance with the illusion,
and remember
that ALL is love.

Ah-hah! There you are!

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia