Inspired healer, visionary and prolific creator, Sylvia has channeled her passion for awakening into helping thousands of people transform their lives and tap into their own wisdom. Guided by a constant connection with spirit, Sylvia gets phenomenal results and brings love and transformation to everyone she touches

Thank you for being a pioneer in the consciousness movement and bringing it from the ethereal and applying transformation in such a grounded way. You’ve stayed clear and on your path, always being so willing to help others with everything you’ve learned.
– Paige Paulsen


Sylvia is a master of living in the NOW and giving her PURPOSE to others.
– Marla Dee, Clear & Simple organizing


Sylvia is the real deal.
–Mark Holland, Cambridge Financial Center


Brilliant and super magical…Sylvia may actually be an enlightened being.
–Martha Beck, bestselling author, life coach to millions


One of the brightest minds on the planet.
–Danielle Lin, Conscious Radio Maven