Breakthrough Sessions

This is not like a lot of personal growth work you may have tried. It’s deep. It’s fast. And the changes last. 

Energy Healing

I listen to the silence before the stories of suffering and help you remember.

Intuitive Readings

You bring your questions about anything. I share my impressions. Illuminating information is infinite.

Veil Readings

I don’t really know how it works, but loved ones on the other side are easy to connect with. I’ll show you how.

Transformational Coaching

Life can be a wild ride. We all need more support than we usually realize.


I’ve learned a few things in 58 years. Would love to pass them along so your road might be smoother.

A Visit to Your Ideal Future

Bending time to peek at possibilities? Sure! Why not. You know more than you think you do.

Business Coaching

Healers, artists, mystics and creators. If marketing isn’t your favorite thing, I’d love to teach you how to be good at it anyway.

Group Facilitation

Everything on this transformational menu can happen in groups. 30 years of field-testing with thousands of people makes it easy.

Influences and areas of study and teaching over 33 years

As a lifetime student with infinite curiosity about the transformational landscape of humans, I integrate and blend many schools of thought.

Massage (many modalities)
Jin Shin Do Acupressure
Craniosacral Therapy
Ecstatic dance
Body Code
Sound healing

Structural Alignment
Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage
Women’s Empowerment
Polarity Therapy
Inner child work

Subconscious repatterning

Shamanic practices
Voice Dialogue/Parts work

In-person sessions are at: Yugen Wellness Center
4455 S 700 E, Suite 201
Salt Lake City UT 84107

Virtual sessions are on Zoom.


Don’t know what kind of session you want?


No worries.   

If you feel drawn to work with me, just schedule, and we can choose which direction to go when you arrive. Sessions often naturally blend different tools depending on what you need and want in real-time. 

Energy healing might flow into an intuitive reading, or the subconscious belief repatterning that happens in a Breakthrough Session. And maybe your gramma has something to say from the other side.

Love is the great healer and the heart guides the way. Let’s listen.

What clients are saying…

“The only warning would be, what happens is that you take off so fast, it’s like holding onto the tail of a comet.”
– Anne

“That was the most amazing session. You were so loving and insightful. I feel it’s a whole new world for me…Yay! You are a miracle worker.”
– Jamie

“I feel more peaceful, more hopeful. My outlook has shifted, my ability to handle what happens has shifted.”
– Amber, single mom

“I went from puddle of terror to confident laughter in about 20 minutes. Empowering!”
– Karen

“My anxiety level plummeted. I feel liberated.”
– Rivka

“I’ve done a lot of inner work, therapy, s-trainings, groups, workshops… in my life. NOTHING, EVER has been so powerful, instant…such a deep level of change than the sessions I have done with you…You are beyond “good” at this! “
– Darcy, artist