(landing in Future Self)

I am where I have mastered the art of money

It’s dropped back to equal importance

With many other things in my life

Money no longer requires a lot of energy

There were some years when I was working on it and it required more energy

(What is the purpose of money?)

It’s truest purpose is a form of energy that has the most flexibility

You can use money in transformation much more easily than some other forms

Barter has its place trading something for something

When those two things match, what’s wanted for what’s offered

Then you have a very simple exchange

Money allows for many more options

You can take money and turn it into thousands of things rather than just a few things

Having this mastery, what does it bring you?

At the most basic level it gives me the ability to move past it

I can feel my root chakra as a foundation & realize that I have healed foundational issues,

And because I’ve mastered these issues I can move to the next level

Many people who are of spiritual focus

Often times try to skip that foundation

There were years in my life where I did that

But there was always an underlying anxiety about survival

Even if it was low-level and my experience was high vibration

There was always this low hum of body needs, basic needs that I often neglected

Here I have no illusion of money being a guarantee of safety, but I have a  different awareness.

A deep understanding that I will be taken care of

regardless of the situation.

I can really only take care of my needs…….first (tears breaking open)

I finally understand that

I am my best parent

I recognize I am not the source of what I need

But I am the one who attends to my needs

How does that bless those closest to me in my world?

They get to be served by someone who is complete,

Which changes everything.

It’s very different than serving the ego’s needs

it’s serving the deepest needs.

I love myself SO much that I pay attention

and I attend to the deepest needs now

I don’t put them off.

I appear to those I love as a full person.

Sometimes that can be unsettling to them

but at some level deeply appreciated

and inspiring and gives them permission to do the same.

With money I have the feeling

“Of course I get paid”

I get compensated for all that I give

I own that need w/o projecting onto someone else.

Paying me may bring up issues in them

and I am completely at peace w/that.

I do my work and receive compensation freely

without tension and without projection

and that is a gift – to me and to them.

I feel vertical and very aligned

I am grounded

I am open

I’m smiling!

I am love

I receive money lovingly

I give money lovingly

Ah, that’s the key!

Others get the experience of this open and loving place

whether they get it mentally or not.

They’ve seen me receiving them

I thank them with great sincerity

I bless them in whatever way it happens at that moment.

This also gives them the opportunity to trust

It gives them the opportunity to let go.

I am trustable.

They’ve given me money and trust me to transform it.

I take that energy and apply my gifts to it

and transform it on their behalf.

I am very conscious of what I do with it

I take care of my basic needs first so that I can give from a full place

and then I open that energy to transformation through others.

The past challenges have given me the gift of knowing that paying attention is a more loving choice than avoiding.

In an exchange, we both get to see the truth that “lack” is ridiculous.

The truth is, it’s all energy moving

from one place to another.

It can move fast

It can move slow

It can cool off

It can seem to disappear all together

And, it’s always there

Image: A dam where I’m sitting in a dry lake bed (damn those dams!)

I’m holding the irrigation doors that are keeping the water from coming in

I’m the one holding them

I was the one that was not allowing anything to come in

it was all me.

How silly of me!

Let the water in

it’s so much easier this way

The water, the flow feels natural

It feels like the way things are designed

and what I realize is

I don’t have to make that happen

I only need to allow it

and there are simple ways to allow it

For example letting people pay for something right after it’s done

I don’t need to create a gap

When work is done, the money is exchanged and it keeps moving

you don’t eat at a restaurant and not pay when you are finished

I’ve been making it way more work than is needed

In some cases it’s like I created the system for it to be more work

It actually works much better for the medium that I’m in

The internet is an immediate medium things move fast there

This also helps me to understand that when I purchase something

I pay for it at that moment

and if I can’t pay for it at the moment

I don’t purchase it

What I find in doing that

is I open to the abundance in the moment

when I have a need I’m aware of that need

and wait for the full abundance to fulfill that need


This feels so nourishing

It’s cash FLOW

It’s the truest flow

It’s the current of life energy.

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