Don’t let this question stop you in your tracks


whatifHave you ever noticed that there’s a question behind most everything you do?
The decisions you make. The actions you take. Even the feelings you live with every day.
And you probably don’t even realize what those questions are because they’re running in the background and don’t quite make it to the light of day.

Here’s one that stops a lot of us in our tracks, but can be turned into a better question quite easily.

“What if I fail?”

Yes, it’s the question that goes with the dreaded fear of failure and it usually goes with answers like “my world will fall apart,” “no one will love me” or “I will die miserable, penniless  and alone.”

But let’s take a closer look.
We know we’re all human. We all make mistakes. We all fail. And we know that the most successful people are really good at failing. In fact, they’re friends with failure; they fail faster and more often than people who are unwilling or too afraid to take action (there are lots of books and success stories about these people. So if you want inspiration, it’s easy to find).


Try this.
Next time you’re facing something scary and you hear these frightened words inside your head, “what if I fail?” ask these questions instead:

SO WHAT if I fail?”
“What is the opportunity?”
“What if I wasn’t afraid?”
“What if I was willing to fail?”

These questions will lead to very different answers.
And remember, ALL the Inquiry Cards in your deck have better questions that can be used in those moments when you feel confused, discouraged, upset, frustrated or scared.

Give yourself the gift of a better question and draw an Inquiry Card