Expanding Heart

Messages from Spirit

just sit


feel how your heart naturally expands

and rests

with no effort from you whatsoever

in the absence of fear

the heart naturally expands to include everything

and everyone

see how there is nothing real that can hold your love back

nothing real that can separate my heart from yours

see how everyone is gifted by your open heart

especially you

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia


  1. Jeannette

    Beautiful. :)

  2. Sylvia Nibley

    Patricia McWhorter said : Clearly, you have tapped into the voice of the Divine! Don’t stop, and don’t stop sharing with us :)

  3. Sylvia Nibley

    Dan Howard said: Beautiful, thanks for sharing this.

  4. Sharon Stasney

    So enjoyed reading this… slowly… while breathing in and out… and smiling.