Love Unleashed

love unleashed

Love Unleashed: A Journey Into the Magic of  You

Sometimes love is so big, it can’t be contained. Want to play? Part spiritual retreat, healing immersion, transformational journey, Love Unleashed events are a wild mix of ecstatic practices to open space for you to fully experience your direct connection to love and expand that connection into every aspect of your life.

A deep dive into the loving presence of the divine feminine, each Love Unleashed event is unique to the moment, to you and to the group that gathers.

Old stories dissolve. Miracles unfold. Love cracks us open and we fall in…

Workshops and classes can create breakthroughs, but often the deepest change comes from inspired play—that arises in the moment. The goddess is in the house and we’re in great hands!

When you show up you can expect a deep dive into experiences like:

• expanding breath

• sacred sound

• blessed silence

• sensory delights

• ecstatic movement

• insightful inquiry

• genuine connection

• rewiring of the subconscious

…and a few divine surprises because some things can’t be predicted or described. They can only be experienced in the moment.

sylviafairyYou’ll see how breakthroughs can happen easily and effortlessly when we come together and trust in this way.

Love has a gift for you. Will you open it?

No matter what you’ve been told or what you’ve believed, there is a love inside of you that has never stopped. All that it takes to set it free, is for you to say yes.

Tools from a wide range of healing modalities and spiritual traditions are used and honored. I believe the divine is present in all forms and called by many names…including yours.

No preparation necessary. Come as you are.

Are you hearing the wild love of the entire universe calling you to step into your body and reveal your unprotected heart?

Is what I say true?
Say yes quickly, if you know,
if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.

– Rumi
Is this for me?

Did you know that the electromagnetic field of your heart is 5,000 times stronger than your brain? It’s easy to let the mind drive our experience of life because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to do, but when you take a moment to tune in with your heart, the information that flows can be much clearer than the habitual patterns of thought that we usually use when making decisions.

Women's hands on heart in meditatingSo to get clarity about whether stepping into the transformation of the Love Unleashed events feels right for you, I invite you to pause for just a moment and take a few deep breaths.

Close your eyes as you breathe
and simply sit with the information you’ve just read
…ahhhhh. Yes.

Relax and feel into the center of your chest.
As you relax and breathe just ask yourself, “are the Love Unleashed events for me?”

Now,  just pause, listen and trust what comes.

If the busy mind chimes in, just smile and come back to the space in your chest.

“Are the Love Unleashed events for me?”

Trust your heart, it knows everything you need to know.
And trust yourself to take the next step, whatever that is.

Abstract shapes made of fractal textures.

If your inner answer to Love Unleashed is ‘no’, much love and blessings to you on your way and thank you for visiting. I hope just being here has inspired or touched you in some way.

Woman feeling free in a beautiful natural setting.

If your inner answer to Love Unleashed is ‘yes’, look at the upcoming events below, register, share your intention with me, and I’ll begin holding you in my heart, meditating for guidance about what gift love has for you.

I look forward to loving you in person!
Come to one event or many.  Anytime you feel the “yes”.

All genders are welcome,  just know there’s a lot of strong feminine energy in the room. These events are best suited to adults, and teens are welcome if they feel inspired to join us.

Each event is unique and will not be repeated

The next one is Saturday, January 18, 2020 from 10am-3pm…

Axis Mundi

January 18, 2020 • 10am-3pm

Center of centers.
Root of heaven and earth. Every moment is inviting you into the new world as quickly as you are willing to be made new.

Root yourself in the Unknown,
and you will find it the richest soil.

Everything is changing.
Your DNA is changing.
Your breath is changing.

Even the way you change is changing.

The consciousness that encompasses ALL is changing.
The very core of life is changing – through you.

Find the I of the storm and live here.

Register Now:

Preregistration is required and closes at midnight on Friday before each event.

Space is limited, so the sooner you get signed up, the better. Love is guaranteed and so is your satisfaction.
If you feel drawn to be there and the admission price prevents you from joining us, there are a few work/trade opportunities. Be in touch.

Feel free to call me with any questions at 801-486-8444


Upcoming Love Unleashed events:

Axis Mundi

January 11, 2020 • 10am-3pm

Center of centers.
Root of heaven and earth. Every moment is inviting you into the new world as quickly as you are willing to be made new.

Root yourself in the Unknown,
and you will find it the richest soil.

Everything is changing.
Your DNA is changing.
Your breath is changing.

Even the way you change is changing.

The consciousness that encompasses ALL is changing.
The very core of life is changing – through you.

Find the I of the storm and live here.

Righteous Rage

Date TBA

If the fire inside you
is nothing but anger,
you haven’t really begun
to burn.
Rage is just kindling.
Transmute it into something
fiercer and more sweet…
Let your fallen body
strike a spark against
the very darkness.
Then you can sing.
– Fred LaMotte

In order to create a safe, healing container for the energy of rage, participants will need to have attended at least two Love Unleashed events before this one. 


Date TBA

Bring your whole body’s worth of inner children to be held, healed, loved and set free.

I am a temple
I am a sign
I am an image of the divine
I am a miracle
I am sublime
I am eternal, embodied in time
I am a child
– Chad Wilkins

Which Love Unleashed events are calling to you?
As soon as you register, you’re part of the energy that creates the magic!

All events held at Quaker Meeting House
171 East 4800 South, Murray, UT 84107

These are the likely dates, times and themes, and are subject to possible change. I’m very fair and generous with refunds in those cases and will give plenty of notice for any changes, so trust your heart and register for the events that you feel drawn to, knowing that all is in divine flow.

405.LUHello, my name is Sylvia Nibley. I’m a wild mystic–of the feminine sort and a student of embodied life.

I love living in the mystery, swimming from inner silence and deep serenity to the intensity of voltage shooting through me like lightning. I often cry in grief for the suffering of this world or weep in awe at the beauty of my human family and I believe that together we can build the society we were made for.

As a healer and group facilitator of 31 years, I’m honored to bring you Love Unleashed, an offering born from my personal practice, my love of creative play and many years of gathering and creating tools for accelerated transformation, especially from the heart of the divine feminine.

I’ve given hundreds of structured workshops with a well-planned agenda over the years, and now I’ve been guided to offer something different. Spontaneous, divine playtime.

We are rising.
We are singing the new songs.
We are breaking open the new stories in holy dances of light.

Past Events

A few comments:


“So much fun!”

“What a glorious day, this is a fabulous retreat, can’t wait for more. I love u sooooooo!”

“Thank you for such a BLISSFUL and SOULFUL gathering of unleashing your LOVE!
I was blessed by each of your open hearts and contributions…I look forward to celebrating again!!”

“Was pure magic.”

“My heart is full of love and gratitude for each one of you.”

“These are phenomenal retreats because Sylvia is a gifted facilitator. You won’t want to miss…!”

“I just wanted to thank everyone for your loving unleashed I’m feeling wonderful. It was an amazing experience I could of only had with all of you and and I’m still processing it and I am amazed at how graceful I feel thank you! thank you!”

“I love the freedom and permission to do or not do anything… It created a beautiful space to unleash and express fully.”

“It was a magical day. Thank you! <3”

“Thank you for the beautiful, empowering, expressive, love-filled time.”

“I was blown-away by the affordable cost of those five hours of lovingly held space.
It felt to me like a full retreat, complete with restoration and powerful co-creation.”

“I am more open. I am bliss.”

“It was like we were folding into one another

“Powerful day … amazing, really. See you next time!”

“At Love Unleashed, I had a whole new experience of sound and self. I’m hearing the world differently now because of that experience. Like when cats are purring, I’m having a completely different experience with that because of our “om-ing.” It feels different, and I find myself making my own sounds with my feline friends.”

“I felt like a rewiring was done.”

“I had this moment where love–which looked different from how I had imagined it would–was literally unleashed in me, and I was left with this fabulous knowing that I don’t need to be the gatekeeper anymore. Along with that, I experienced an energy release in my lower back where I’d had chronic discomfort that had been there for years, and now it’s gone.”

“This was transformational in SOOOO many ways!! Thank you for bringing your light and love to our community in this glorious way!!”

“That was just amazing…! Thank you for holding such powerful and deep space for us all! And thank you everyone for sharing and holding such a beautiful space together—your unleashed love is inspiring!”

“What am incredible event! I continue to unleash the me that has been hiding for so long.”

“Sylvia holds such sacred space…always with tenderness, universal divine connection, all so deeply healing. My heart is wide, open, tender and joyful with her offerings.”

“It was one of the purest moments of self-love I’ve had in my life. Sounds were coming out of me, and I heard them and felt emotion.  But the sound came first and then the feelings around it.  Life was just flowing through me, and I delighted in hearing Self spontaneously arise from deep inside me out into the world through my voice…through sounds I had never made before and didn’t consciously choose.  Once they were out of my mouth, all I could do was marvel at their beauty–at my beauty, at the ridiculously gorgeous and pleasurable and powerful expressions of my true spirit self.  I wanted to follow them up into the rafters–all of them, the ones that released sorrow and the ones that birthed joy.”

“Wow! Thank you for the incredible space that was held.”

“The Garden of Eve” event in April was exquisite and I LOVED being there”

“What a day…my molecules will be integrating for a while!! ✨”

“…the inexpressible knowing and transformation that accompanied the experience rooted deeply even in that moment – and has already sprouted such beautiful new life. Thank you for facilitating such wonderful events…”

“Sylvia inspires the world with Love and offers an amazing and unique experience with Love Unleashed.”

” A wild meta-conscious love romp! I am in awe. “

“What you come up with, is always what I need.”

“Love Unleashed helped… revive a piece of me that I continuously suppress. I am still reeling in gratitude for the space…Thank you all for holding me in that space.”

“Thank you so much for what you provide!! You are an amazing catalyst Sylvia .”

“I love that you always give me permission to be myself. You always give me permission to do what feels right for me. Nobody offered that to me before. I didn’t know I could do that for myself either. When I was growing up I had permission to be perfect, to be good, and to be worthy. I did not have permission to be who I am.”

“I had an amazing day.”

“I touched a place in me that I had not allowed myself to go. It hurt, but a door opened that had not been open before.”

“Loved the energy, the space and the freedom to embrace my inner self/higher self/innate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Every time I attend, I am enlightened and I leave with wonderful insight. Your dedication and love of your work to help others is wonderful.”

“What a refreshing day! Thank-you Sylvia and all the other beautiful souls that helped open the mysterious realm of our deeper selves!”

“If EVERYONE unleashed a little more of their joy and love,  and played more, this world would be much more balanced, healthy, whole and enjoyable place…

“…Love Unleashed events have been such a safe space in my journey to be me and fully express whatever wants to come forward…you are an inspiration and I admire your leadership and look forward to continue learning from you and co-creating…”

“Such a rich and beautiful day loosening those leashes!! Thank you for your beauty and pure love assisting others in discovering more of theirs! I AM so Grateful!!”

“These events are powerful, amazing, and insightful.”

“Thank you for the incredible inspiration and joy! …Continuing to plug into the infinite with all of you and beyond!”

“…a super fun and meaningful day.”

“a bargain at twice the price.”

“…a magical day!”

“I want to attend every one of them and bring as many friends as possible.”

“It felt good to really let go and go as deep as I did. I appreciate the space you held to make that possible.”

“That feeling of not pushing and taking the time I need and feeling rested has stayed with me.”

“Thanks for the beautiful, empowering, expressive, love-filled time.”

“I loved the “Being Joy” theme. It was the perfect day for me.”

“Thank You from the bottom of my Heart! I delight in getting to Play and Learn and Grow with you and your Divine Guidance.”

“Loved the group energy. What a wonderful gift!”

“The unstructured format was new for me, but the natural openness and comfort level of the people made it not awkward and I loved that. This level of depth is rare.”

“I was so present! After I left I couldn’t even remember what we did or how time passed.”

“It was a fabulous, beautiful, magnificent day.”

“You made it so safe and easy and …. Subtle.”

“What an event. Wow wow wow!!!”

“These events are never anything short of magical!”

“Every single part of our time together was perfect!

“I can’t believe how innocent and secure my interplay felt during the event… One of the most extraordinary things for me was that I never felt meanings and interpretation being placed or forced on me. Just open love space. My inner child shone like a beacon of wounded mess that it was and it didn’t matter. I felt the goddess move through me after a deep sob… I could feel my body soul and mind feeling nourished, recognized, and well, enough. I am enough. This IS enough. This practice was so gentle. Yet extremely powerful… I found profound connection in being my wounded self…I found myself in the heart beat of the dance to which I belong and is within me…I am truly honored to have been part of something so unique and exceptionally genuine. Heartfelt all the way!”

“I was deeply moved by my experience…thank you for creating space to journey. learn, and grow…❤ much gratitude to you for creating this community.”

“An amazing day of transformation, power and grace. Feeling grateful.”

“What an incredible gift…So many profound insights came through for me and have continued to show up in the days following. Lighting my connection to source as it flows through me. Thank you!”

“It’s always a great pleasure and deep dive. This one brought forward an amazing chain of events and deep healing on things I’ve been working on for a long time.”

“Amazing, as always! I’m still processing my journey and hope to get deeper understanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Time in this circle was sacred & nourishing to the heart & soul.”

“Wow, such a powerful impact. The gifts keep coming… Thank you!”

“My journey is awesome and I’m loving your insight as a “tour guide”. 💞 🌟”

“Sylvia, you are truly a Magician! To all those in attendance, thank you for Blessing the whole experience . You are all Divine and we were born to Shine.”

“What a glorious day, this is a fabulous retreat, can’t wait for more!”

“I just want to unleash more!”

“It was DIVINE!”

Brilliant and super magical…Sylvia may actually be an enlightened being.
–Martha Beck, bestselling author, life coach to millions

Thank you for being a pioneer in the consciousness movement and bringing it from the ethereal and applying transformation in such a grounded way.
– Paige Paulsen

Sylvia is a master of living in the NOW and giving her PURPOSE to others.
– Marla Dee

One of the brightest minds on the planet. The next Deepak Chopra.
–Danielle Lin, Conscious Radio Maven

Sylvia is the real deal.
–Mark Holland