Stay in the Heart

Messages from Spirit

Spirit, what would you teach me today?

To trust. To trust your abilities. To trust your intuition. To trust your gifts.

To trust you.

This is where trust begins.

You cannot trust in the outer word until you trust your own experience.

You have been learning this well and now it is time to learn this at a deeper level.

You have been a master teacher in many lifetimes.
The kind of teacher who imparts knowledge through being.

You know it isn’t the words spoken, so much as it is the energy carried by the words.
Remember this.
Connect with the feelings and let them become words, then the message will be clear.

The mind serves the heart.
That is the optimal relationship.
To be the carrier of the heart’s message.
When the mind is not balanced with strength of heart, it cannot help but be over-controlling.

Stay in the heart. Trust the truth that lives there and your message will always be clear.

You know what we speak of.
You have experienced it countless times and because your environment,
your mind-centered culture belittles the power of the heart, you learned over time to doubt your gift.

We would remind you that your knowing goes much deeper than the conditioning of this lifetime.
It was but a brief disorientation in the scope of your experience.

You (and all humans) can find your way in any moment through the heart.
It always contains the clear path.
The way of Love.


– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

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