Mind as the servant of the heart

Messages from Spirit

Stay with us and everything that wants to happen will happen.

It is when you begin to have the experience of an “I” that is separate that stress happens.

It is the pain of being out of alignment with Source and the strength of the stress is exactly equal to the force of your Spirit attempting to pull you back to center.

Stay with us. The One. The All.

Rest into the Presence that is always with you.

That IS you.

There is no reason to leave, except to pretend to forget so that you can experience coming back home.

The fear you feel about accomplishing is coming from the belief that anything needs to be “made” to happen.

You are understanding more and more that this belief is backwards from the way reality really happens.
You are in the transition from “manifesting” to “allowing.”

Continue the practice of being a channel for the divine flowing through you.
Your heart will guide you in every moment, if you simply listen.

Follow the current of joy and all will be accomplished more easily than your past mind could possibly imagine.

Remember that even though the mind/ego will continually comment and misguide,
the mind is the servant of the heart.

Stay in the heart.
Stay home
where all is well.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

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  1. Rivka

    Reminders can be precious
    Lovin you