True Support

Messages from Spirit

I feel absolute support

Unquestionable, unshakable support

First thing I notice is that my muscles relax around my bones

Instead of exterior structures to hold me up

I relax into the incredible support of my bones

My bones are really happy to be there for me

They are saying, ‘That’s what we are made for!”

Of course that’s what they are here for

I was fighting gravity, and they just waited for me to show up

And notice they hold me up

The energy in my bones is the deepest


They are made of stone, literally

Stone but filled with light

They are hollow

with a softness in the center

that is a Carrier of Light

Never felt marrow of my bones before.

This is my center

the carrier of life

Marrow makes my blood

Source of the very stuff that keeps me alive,

my Lifeblood

It has been there all of these years and I have never even noticed it

When I go in and ask “am I supported?”

Deep, deep juicy rich


More supported than you ever imagined

I was trying to rely on everything else for support.

That can’t work.

Like trying to balance on anything but the center

Trying to balance on the edges, like a see-saw

That can’t ever work.

This is my own center

Once realized, there is no point in ever being off-center

My dance with others becomes a wonderful exchange and movement

from my own center.

I got here by feeling into this place often

Helped to pay attention to the mineral component of my body

And feed it with the trace minerals it needs

Feeding it makes the stone  feel more support

Helps the marrow to feed light

All important components to work optimally

Now I’m feeling light moving through the center of my body

Feel it originating in very center of my bones

When I used to feel only the exterior of bones, they felt fragile.

With awareness of my deep center there is so much more support

Light moves through the spine and long bones really well

Even small bones – with really thin and fragile bones like skull and ear bones

Buzzing – All is pure vibration

I move with more ease, feel more strong and whole

Awareness of whole core as moving vibrant system

Once believed core was mysterious part of me, and didn’t feel connected or

know where it was.

Spine is fluid mover of life allowing it all to circulate

I drink lots of water

Pay attention when body needs something

Is it mineral, chemical, structural?

I find clarity to function optionally

Notice change in muscular system. Release.

All of it gets to let go – abdomen, shoulders

All parts of me I once believed I needed to make things happen

Now I let go and feel supported.

Much less effort!

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