I’d been struggling for a few days feeling pulled in different directions and wondering how best to expand my business with SO much that wants to come through and feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities.

I see so many of us on the threshold of living and working at a whole new level, so I share this with the intention that it may inspire those having a similar experience. Here’s the message from Spirit that I got today in answer to my prayer for guidance.


At this crossroads, we encourage you to choose the direction that feels most like “going for it.”

Choose the way that may seem like a “long shot,” and may not even be logical, but is inspiring and causes you to feel excited, even thrilled.

This is not the way that feels like playing it safe, playing small or “minimizing risks.”

Our guidance is to choose the MOST expansive, generous, confident movement that calls to you, although multiple voices inside you would shoot this down with voices of fear disguised as logic.

Give these possibilities room to breathe, be heard, to speak.

The time for contraction is over.

Contraction in the sense of holding back out of fear, shutting down, ignoring the call, however small or grand it may seem.

There is and will continue to be a need for expansion paired with the naturally balanced expression of contraction, like breathing in and out, but in the larger cycle of evolution, this is a time of great expansion. The greatest expansion known in your world.

This is why you are having the sense that there’s “no break” or pause in this curve of acceleration. This is also why learning to rest during any activity, to experience stillness even in expansion is vital through this transition time as there will be no break or slowing down of evolution, only continued acceleration of consciousness.

And we would remind you that your in-breath is especially important at this time as it is your personal experience of expansion. Don’t worry about past restrictions, don’t worry about analyzing or even “healing” the memory of trauma. Simply experience each new moment as the new birth that it is and the past will slough off like a snake shedding its skin.

Understanding or dwelling on the old skin is not necessary and does not warrant attention. All attention can stay with this unfolding moment and the growth that is present NOW.

Once the separation between us is fully dissolved, and we speak freely through you, as you, you will see that your ego’s belief that it exists and is necessary to manage or create anything is absurd.

The Truth of you is so much more than the mind will ever comprehend.
Rest in this.

Surrender the thought (the ancient need) to believe that “you” as a personality exist.

Imagine life beyond “I.”

Imagine life without the need to create through the drive for significance or control – the will.

The will, a mechanism for development is part of the human experience only as a stage to pass through. Like an adolescent developing a sense of self to experience autonomy.

It is simply an experience (meant to be a temporary one) on your way back to Oneness.

It is only in life not experienced fully that movement through these stages is obstructed. And when the flow of life resumes, which it inevitably does (even when this requires lifetimes), the being matures, as you are designed to do naturally.

As a species, you are now growing beyond the adolescent ego to the fullness of maturity as spiritual beings.

This is the circle of experience humanity has chosen.

Forgetting, in order to experience the joy of remembering.
Sleeping, in order to experience the joy of waking up.
Dying, in order to experience the joy of rebirth.

Remember that whenever there is struggle, there is illusion.

And every moment of struggle IS the opportunity to wake up.

– Spirit speaking through Sylvia


  1. Spring Allen

    Thank you Sylvia!
    This is exactly what I deserved to hear today! Wow, so beautiful!!
    Thank you!!
    I love you in my life!
    Love & Light,
    Spring Allen

  2. Lori

    AWE-some!!! Thanks for sharing. Sooooo timely!!!!!! xoxo

  3. Sylvia Nibley

    Thanks for your beautiful words of guidance. They come at a perfect time. Take care. Love, Jim and Ilene

  4. Sylvia Nibley

    I do appreciate your sharing these insights and look forward to hearing more from you!

    Thank you for all you do to inspire us!
    Love and Namaste! Mary

  5. Sylvia Nibley

    I love being on this list, Sylvia. I love to hear Spirit through you. It echoes the words of Spirit I’ve heard and hear. I’m grateful to be able to read these words. Thank you for having the courage to bring them to us publicly.
    Love, Joy St. Laurent

  6. Sylvia Nibley

    You’re so welcome, Joy. I know Spirit is saying the same thing through so many of us…so it seems important to keep listening. I know I keep forgetting…and remembering…and forgetting…and remembering.

  7. Lori

    Wow. Yes, echoing what the previous Lori said, your Spirit message is VERY timely. What an incredibly beautiful thing it is to realize how connected we are and that we are SHARING these experiences together!

    Thank you so much for Being

    Love and Light to you,

  8. Sylvia Nibley

    Wow, I absolutely deserved this message today, im sure spirit was talking about me! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Shannon simonelli

    thank you!
    yes! I had a simular awareness/”download” in the dance this weekend. Friday night I didnt want to say for sure if I would go to Ecstatic Dance on Saturday morning. The next morning I agreed to give Gia a ride but didnt think I would dance, just drop her off. As I got ready I got it that I was suposed to dance. So I drug my butt on to the floor. I gave myself permission to leave part way through, figuring some movement was better than none. As the music played on, I, of course got grabbed by the breath, the beat and my body’s desire and need to move. As we neared the end…while sweetening into the restful wash…I was overcome with how vast we are…how beautifully, luminously vast we are. I understood in that moment that all the edges, all the sticking places, all the resistence is just part of the growing process..growing pains…as life continues to nudge and nudge me up and out….srouting into my greater capacity to hold the vastness that I am. Dance and moving the body help me remember this.