What’s a Breakthrough Session with me like?

Sylvia NibleyI absolutely love diving into accelerated transformation with someone ready for big breakthroughs. Miracles happen. Often.

It’s not like a lot of healing and personal growth work you may have tried. It’s deep. It’s fast. And the changes last.

I have countless tools and loads of experience and you have all the inner wisdom needed, so every session is different and spontaneous and amazing, but they often look something like this:

You Set the Direction
Before your appointment, you come up with an intention for the biggest breakthrough you can imagine. What do you want to experience differently? What challenge have you been running into or working on for ages that you’re ready to get past?

That’s all we need to know to dive in and get to work building your personal breakthrough. We talk about your intention for a bit. I listen. I ask some questions. As a master intuitive, I get a lot of information on a lot of levels and it usually doesn’t take long for us to find the core patterns at the root of the challenge.

Then we do some muscle testing to gather more information from your body/subconscious. We check the core beliefs and patterns that relate to the issue. We make sure it’s safe for you to make the changes you’re asking for…

…then we actually DO it.

This part of the session is relaxing and meditative. It can include; core belief change at the speed of your subconscious (did you know your hard-wiring moves at millions of bits per second?), energy healing, bodywork (I have 30 years of experience), sound, Oneness Blessing, shamanic journey, even a nap (yes, you can repattern your subconscious in your sleep). The session unfolds with whatever is in your highest good.

Sometimes, it can feel like work as you clean up the old, limiting stuff, but it’s also easy and feels really good to make the changes you’ve been hungry for.  Most methods work with the conscious mind, which moves slowly. But because we’re working at the level of the subconscious—deep, permanent breakthroughs happen very quickly.

I love the mystery of life, and especially the mystery and grace inherent in the healing process.

I also love measuring and verifying results, so after the repatterning is complete, we muscle test you again so that you can directly experience the difference that’s measurable at the physical level. If you haven’t experienced muscle testing before, it’s really quite amazing to feel the difference between a weak and a strong response.

My promise
I can’t promise that in one session we’ll cover everything about everything, but I can promise that we’ll cover deep territory and that the changes you experience will last.

In fact, what I’ve seen in doing this work with hundreds of people is that the shifts actually get stronger over time.



When is it time to consider this kind of session?

When you’re ready for a breakthrough or upgrade with any area of your life

When you’re bumping up against an issue or challenge you’ve been wanting to change, but hasn’t, even though you’ve worked and worked on it

When you want to stop doing something you know isn’t good for you

When you want to start doing something you know is good for you

You’ve experienced a major life transition or catalytic experience and you’d like support integrating what happened

When there’s something in your life you want to change, you know what needs to change, you’re not taking action to change, or you are taking action, but things aren’t changing and you can’t quite put your finger on why


What breakthroughs are you ready for?

“The only warning would be, what happens is that you take off so fast, it’s like holding onto the tail of a comet.”
– Anne

“After one session with Sylvia, I feel more peaceful, more hopeful. My outlook has shifted, my ability to handle what happens has shifted.”
– Amber, single mom

“After one session, my anxiety level plummeted. I feel liberated.”
– Rivka Levy

“I’ve done a lot of inner work, therapy, s-trainings, groups, workshops… in my life. NOTHING, EVER has been so powerful, instant…such a deep level of change than the sessions I have done with you…You are beyond “good” at this and I rejoice! “
– Darcy Butcher, artist

“I went from puddle of terror to confident laughter in about 20 minutes. Empowering!”
– Karen Morgan

“It feels great to start feeling some freedom here…after carrying this around for 24 years. Wow! …my joy is already increasing, and I already feel more excited and enlivened about my work.”
– Harmony

“I highly recommended doing a one-on-one session with Sylvia. So many of my beliefs were flipped instantaneously. I feel lighter, more optimistic, empowered. Clearer and happier. I really have felt blocks move out of my way since the session. I see the changes everywhere in my life. My relationship with my daughter is different, the way I talk to my husband is different. I can be with my mom now, without a lot of emotional charge.  Some things are just not an issue anymore. I’ve moved past some things I used to bump up against. It sounds cliche, but this really is so life-changing.”
– Stephanie

“That was the most amazing session. You were so loving and insightful. I feel it’s a whole new world for me…Yay! You are a miracle worker.”
– Jamie


Sessions can be in person in Salt Lake City, Utah or Zoom. I’m also happy to travel to VIP clients.


Come in with your intention for the biggest breakthrough you can imagine with any area of your life (money, health, relationship, etc). We dive in and gently release what has been in the way of that experience, then build a strong foundation for the new experience you want to have. Because we’ll be working with your subconscious, instead of what often takes people years, it’s possible to create amazing transformation both quickly and deeply.

About Scheduling

I highly recommend hour and a half sessions. This time frame is spacious and allows for deep work without rushing. Occasionally one hour sessions are a good fit, but those tend to be best when we’ve been working together for a while and know what works best for you.

Leaving your schedule open after your session is recommended to best support your integration. I look forward to connecting!
Packages and payment plans available.



Feel free to call or text 801-486-8444 with questions